Mr. Fady Jamaleddine
Mr. Fady Jamaleddine
November 9, 2022
Cllr. Suresh Krishna
Cllr. Suresh Krishna
November 9, 2022

H.H. Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji

H.H. Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji

H.H. Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji


KAILASA Dharma Rakshana Social Justice Om Award February 20, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Founder & Spiritual leader of International Siddhashram Shakti

Country: United Kingdom


H.H. Rajeshwar Guruji is the Founder & Spiritual leader of International Siddhashram Shakti – UK / India.

H.H. Rajeshwar Guruji is whole-heartedly devoted to his community and is always available and accessible to help those in need. Throughout the year he organizes big festivals (for 1,500-2,500 participants) such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri and Shivratri, to keep the history behind each festival alive and to make sure that the Hindu population in the UK will not forget their traditions and culture.

Some of his many Awards and Recognitions include:

  • In 2021: Appointed as an Advisor & Global Council Member of World Yoga Community -- USA/Argentina.
  • On May 28, 2021: Appointed as The Peace Ambassador for World Book Of Records.
  • From 2019 - 2021: Appointed as Mayor Chaplin (DHARM GURU) for Harrow, London.
  • In 2019: Received the Happiness Ambassador Award at the House of Commons, British Parliament, London in recognition of extraordinary and dedicated service to the community and many more.


H.H. Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji Certificate

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