Unclutching Meditation

Unclutching is a space of complete restful awareness where you are not clutching on to any thought or emotion. Most of us are prisoners of our past; we repeat the behaviors we are familiar with. This results in the feeling that life is repetitive and boring, that we never experience anything new. When we unclutch®, each moment becomes fresh, exciting and filled with possibility.

The SPH defines unclutching as follows: “When you are not transferring the stress and load created by one thought to the other thought and carrying that load constantly. Please understand, usually you transfer the load and the stress you create by one thought to the other thought and when you are constantly transferring those emotions to the next thought your inner space becomes insensitive, loaded with so much of emotions, it naturally sinks into depression, restlessness, boredom – all the negative emotions. Unclutching is not connecting one thought and the other thought and carrying the same stress and emotions.”

When you unclutch you stop carrying the stress and negative emotions from one thought to the other thought and when you don’t carry that stress, suffering, negativity, pressure, restlessness from one thought to the other thought naturally you experience peace inside.

The SPH shared the following 53 Tweets defining unclutching:

  1. Now unclutch from unclutching. Itself.
  2. Looking at every situation with deep authentic sincere awareness is unclutching.
  3. Jealousy eating joy is clutching joy eating up jealousy is unclutching.
  4. Realizing the dreamer's ID is waker’s ID is unclutching.
  5. Experiencing the dream stuff is reality stuff is unclutching.
  6. Experiencing the dreamer in waking state is unclutching.
  7. Trying is clutching doing is unclutching.
  8. Not letting the past swallow the future in present is unclutching.
  9. Being loose and not knowing is clutching and being and knowing and living with the knowing is unclutching.
  10. Burning the past with the fire of present and creating pure future is unclutching.
  11. Trusting the possibility and living is unclutching.
  12. Dreamers identity entering the waking body is clutching and woken identity entering dream body is unclutching.
  13. Dropping the conclusions you can't be transformed is unclutching.
  14. Understanding as word is unclutching. Catching it is unclutching.
  15. Subject looking in to the subject objectively is unclutching.
  16. The frequency of the experiencer crossing the frequency of experience is unclutching.
  17. Past moving without the greed for future and future moving without fear in to the past in present is unclutching.
  18. Greed's fear and fear's greed colliding in awareness is unclutching.
  19. Experience evaporating the experiencer and the experienced is unclutching.
  20. When you push the past in to future it is clutching when you push the pure future in to past in present is unclutching.
  21. Solid past melting into liquid present and evaporating into steam future is unclutching.
  22. Not making your words and forms in to experience is unclutching.
  23. Experiencing inner awakening is unclutching.
  24. Not connecting thought and emotion giving life to it is unclutching.
  25. Realizing future is passed and past is yet to happen in the present void is unclutching.
  26. Past trying eat future is clutching stopping that is unclutching.
  27. When past threatens to have any power over you it is clutching freeing you is unclutching.
  28. Unclutching is constantly happening you need to do only resting in the unclutching.
  29. Full awareness without any memory is unclutching.
  30. Moving from reality to real is unclutching.
  31. Marana to smarana is unclutching.
  32. When you move in to or from any dimension like time to space or length to breadth or depth to time it is unclutching.
  33. When you move any dimension to any dimension what naturally happens in you is unclutching.
  34. God - unclutching = world.
  35. unclutching from unclutching is unclutching.
  36. World+unclutching =god.
  37. Reality +unclutching+gurus grace =unclutching.
  38. Inner space +unclutching =enlightenment.
  39. Having balanced intelligence even while you are watched or not is unclutching.
  40. Non involved ment. In the mental pleasures and pains is unclutching.
  41. Understanding unclutching does not need mind is unclutching.
  42. Realization and reality is always one and the same never separate this is unclutching.
  43. God self world are all different words not worlds this is unclutching.
  44. Easy or difficult both are concepts realizing this is unclutching.
  45. Routine work or creativity expressing intensity is unclutching.
  46. Time and space collapsing into what IS is unclutching.
  47. Inner space reclaiming it's original state is unclutching.
  48. Brushing the conscious with conscience is un clutching.
  49. Crushing the source into the expression is unclutching.
  50. Space not being contaminated by ME ing is unclutching.
  51. When time is not bound by the space it is unclutching.
  52. Unclutching means realising the canvas is more powerful than painting.
  53. Ajapa japa of your very being without any word or mantra is unclutching.