KAILASA’s International Education Program has two branches: 1) primary and secondary education (Raja Vidya Gurukul) and 2) post-secondary and interest-based continuing education. Both branches utilize distance learning platforms and in-person delivery methods. KAILASA’s International Education Program is completely free of charge.

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The types of programs offered by KAILASA’s International Education Program include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. KAILASA’s Quantum Memory Program: This initiative works on holistic development of the child focusing not only on Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but also the Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). The Quantum Memory Program offers increased concentration and grasping power, increased visualization and memory power, cleansing of toxins from the body and mind. It helps children present themselves confidently, increases speed of cognizing, enhances quality of sleep, allows better brain coordination and freedom from any mental challenges.
    2. KAILASA’s eN-Genius: It empowers children from around the world to awaken their true potential through transmission-based learning and interactive participation. This program facilitates children to overcome inherent mental obstacles through various activities and sessions that are proven to activate the subtle brain grooves that naturally boosts their abilities.
    3. KAILASA’s Nithyanandam-Kids: An enlightenment-based initiative, combining the ancient Vedic system of learning, with modern technology, helping children to flower without repression, fear, peer pressure and psychological barriers.
    4. KAILASA’s Memory Camps: A program that consists of brain yoga, powerful memory enhancement kriya, whole brain workshop, and Vedic chanting. This program re-designs the brain potential, stability to the child’s mental make-up and awakens extraordinary memory power and shows 100% increase in attention and self confidence.


    1. KAILASA’s Life Bliss Engineering: A 3-month mental-rehabilitation initiative that offers life skills to sculpt a yogic body and Vedic mind for living enlightenment.
    2. KAILASA’s Leadership Consciousness Initiative: A program customized for the development of leadership skills, professional and vocational skills. Development of communication skills, interpersonal relationships, public speaking, and creativity. Spiritual training through yoga and meditation, health education, recreation, cultural tolerance and environmental awareness builds the right mental set-up for life.
    3. KAILASA’s Life Bliss Technology: Life Bliss Technology is a free program designed with the vision of a world where the youth achieve their full potential both in the inner world and the outer world. They learn to shape their own future with power and self-confidence, and grow into honest, peace loving, energetic and dynamic individuals. This initiative allows for cognitive and emotional flexibility, which are the basis for social skills and resilience in the face of stress.
    1. KAILASA’s Divya Sharira Project: Through the Divya Sharira Initiative, KAILASA aims to provide humanity an opportunity to reside in KAILASA, eternally blissful, by maintaining and worshiping the Shivalinga installed in the Adi-KAILASA Nithyananda Sarvajnapeetam.
    1. KAILASA’s Dhyana Spurana program (DSP): The Dhyana Spurana Program is a 2-day meditation program, designed to help individuals focus, concentrate on their being and reconnect with their true meditative nature. It is a program to eradicate unnecessary thoughts and emotions that greatly impact the mental disposition, physiology and psychology of the body.
    2. KAILASA’s Ananda Spurana Program (ASP): This program focuses on activating and aligning the seven psychoactive energy centers of the body, which are most often than not blocked by previous pains, suffering, fears and worries.
    3. KAILASA’s Kalpataru: Kalpataru is a 1-day meditation program, a unique opportunity to fulfill one’s deepest desire and receive the blessing and science of Living Enlightenment, transforming the very way one perceives life. 
    4. KAILASA’s Atma Spurna Program: A breakthrough program to cleanse the five koshas (layers) of the being, through techniques ranging from intellectual understanding and simple meditations elevating poor mental and psychological health.
    5. KAILASA’s Nithya Spurna Program (level 1 & 2):  A 4-day program to create an engram-less mental setup, demystify the secrets of death and after-death, heal painful memories, handle guilt, desires, pleasure, pain, existential crisis, transcend the fear of death to live freely, consciously and fully.
    6. KAILASA’s Bhakti Spurana Program: A program to encounter one’s natural capacity for devotion, utter innocence and purity which was once one’s very nature thus feeling deeply connected to Existence, healing one from mental fragmentation.
    7. KAILASA’s Akashic Reading: KAILASA’s Akashic Reading uses the infinite Cosmic Library to benefit every seeking individual by delivering the understanding behind every life’s happening, dissolving karmic blockages, mental setup from the past and providing clarity and redesigning the future.
    8. KAILASA’s Yoga Spurna Program (YSP): A program to enhance one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strengths, actualize the strength of one’s intent, will and the power of visualization, integrating the body-mind-spirit. 
    9. KAILASA’s Nithya Dhyana :  A meditation program to reconnect with the innate intelligence of one’s body, balance the three dynamic forces (vatta, pitta, and kapha) which correspond to the five elements present in the human body and work on one’s mental state, body, breath, visualization, inner silence and verbalization.
    10. KAILASA’s Kayakalpa Yoga (beyond death): Kayakalpa or Kayakalpa Yoga, the royal sacred secret science which is the first step towards a long and healthy life. Kayakalpa yoga is meant to liberate one from all diseases, whether psychosomatic, mental or physiological.
    11. Other Programs include: Nithya Dhyana Yoga, Shakti Spurana Program, Nithyananda Yoga, Nithya Arogya Yoga (NAY), Nithya Dhyana Spurana Program (NDSP), Bhava Darshans, Nithya Kriya Yoga (NKY), eN-Relationships, en-Parenting and eN-Health.