Bhagavad Gītā Decoded

This is not a commentary or a modern interpretation on the Bhagavad Gītā. It is the re-speaking, the revival of the supreme secret of the Gītā from the consciousness of the rare living incarnation, The SPH Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who embodies the very science and experience of the Gītā.

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Living Enlightenment

There is an extraordinary potential hidden inside every human being. If it is awakened it will take you to a much higher plane of consciousness – beyond the limitations of the human body-mind. Experience this superconsciousness, actualize your ultimate potential. This is the only aim of human life to enjoy the ultimate luxury of living enlightenment.

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Guaranteed Solutions

Shining with clarity and practicality it gives you tremendous freedom to understand and re-establish your true freedom beyond guilts, fears, worries and desires! The meditation techniques prescribed in the book work like magic. You can find out for yourself which emotion blocks you from enjoying your life in totality and follow the meditation technique that unblocks that chakra.

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