Persecution of Hinduism


Hinduism represents the world’s most ancient yet progressive indigenous spiritual tradition. It is an open framework model of civilization that stands for nonviolence, vegetarianism, worship of nature, organic lifestyle, temple-based living, yoga, manifesting spiritual powers, and the inherent divinity of every being. Hinduism comprises many indigenous spiritual traditions coexisting peacefully for millennia. Hinduism was once practiced freely in over 56 nations across the continent from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, all the way to Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia and Indonesia, and in 200 states, 1700 samasthanas (provinces) and 10,000 sampradayas (traditions).

Over several centuries the combined forces of foreign invasion, political upheaval, colonialism and religious persecution systematically ended millennia of Hindu Swarajya, or self-rule.

Today Hindu temples remain in Afghanistan and Cambodia, but the Hindus who worshiped in them have been ethnically cleansed. The Hindu Holocaust is a stark epitome of a ‘‘campaign of race extermination’’ through a systematic, egregious and ongoing ethnic cleansing, forced relocation, double killing through genocide and genocide denial over the last 5000 years on the most ancient living civilization on the planet.

Denied by the historians and untold by its victimized survivors, the Hindu holocaust is one of the biggest “crimes against humanity” in world history. Hindus have time and again suffered religious persecution in the form of forceful conversions, massacres, demolition and desecration of temples, confiscation or destruction of property, incitement to hate, imprisonment, torture, murder, destruction of universities and schools and crimes against women and children. Hindus are the victims of the double killing of Holocaust and denial of Holocaust.

Denying the largest Holocaust which has been shockingly going on since 5000 years of history will continue to go on in the future unless cognized first and corrected thereafter. The denial of the Holocaust through distortion of history and ideological indoctrination is the last act of a crime in the Holocaust and the heralding of the next crime. The strategy is to first obfuscate and obliterate a people; then obfuscate and obliterate their memory; and, finally, seek to obfuscate and obliterate the memory of the obfuscation and obliteration.

Who today speaks of the unbroken continuum of annihilation of the Hindus? Be it by the invading Mughals or the colonial forces, be it in the name of their race or their color or their religious faith or their cultural roots or their ethnicity or some other distinction, Hindus have over the past 2000 years been subject to mass murder, multiple perpetrator rapes, forced indoctrination, artificial famines, child abuse, identity distortion, resulting in a systematic physical elimination of over 100 million Hindus and ideological elimination of over a billion Hindus across all sampradayas (traditions) on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, cultural, religious, political, economical, social, and much more.