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November 2, 2022
Mr. David Gallup
November 2, 2022

Ms. Nataša Posel

Ms. Nataša Posel


KAILASA Oneness Om Award March 1, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Director of Amnesty International Slovenia

Country: Republic of Slovenia


Ms. Posel has been a director of Amnesty International Slovenia since 1999. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and has previously worked with Amnesty International headquarters in London as a press officer for Kosovo genocide crisis and in public relations and television production.

In her role as a Director for Amnesty Int. in Slovenia, she has set up and developed programs and campaigns for human rights education, fundraising and advocacy. She led the section to grow to an 11,000 members movement in a country with a population of 2 million, campaigning on major domestic and global issues and offering support to local rights holders; among others, working with Roma, migrants and refugees.

Within the global organization Ms Posel has been a member of the Global Management Team, a consultative body to the Secretary General, for ten years; and for several years she has been a part of the Steering Committee of the European Region and in many training, consultative and recruitment boards.



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