His Excellency Dr. Bonface Obare
November 2, 2022
Ms. Nataša Posel
November 2, 2022

Governor Xieguazinsa Ingativa Neusa

Governor Xieguazinsa Ingativa Neusa


KAILASA Mitra Om Award March 1, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Governor and Indigenous Counselor of the Nation People: Muisca Chibcha, The Republic of Colombia

Country: South America


Governor XIEGUAZINSA INGATIVA NEUSA, also known as Rodrigo Niño Rocha is the Indigenous Governor of the Cabildo Mayor Muisca Chibcha Boyacá people (an indigenous enthinc group in Columbia) and the Indigenous Councillor of the Ancestral Authority of the Nation. He is a Social leader and a direct descendant of the Muisca Chibcha ethnic group by generational memory from the Muisca Chibcha Cacicazgo Ebaté Indigenous Muisca Chibcha Resguardo (1823-2022).

A lawyer by profession, Governor XIEGUAZINSA INGATIVA NEUSA wears many hats which span various fields from Law, to Ethnohistory, Anthropology, Political Science, Human sciences and Human Rights. In 2002, he earned his degree in Law and Social Sciences from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia and in 1992, studied Anthropology from the Universidad del Cauca, Colombia. As a legal advisor and consultant in the public and private sector, as well as a well known promoter of Human RIghts, Governor XIEGUAZINSA INGATIVA NEUSA oversees the coordination of the Special Indigenous Jurisdiction and the National Judicial System. He is also the Cultural Manager of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage and with his passion extending to Sustainable Environmental Projects.

A promoter of self-management and peace, the work he does empowers individuals and indigenous communities and groups to work towards creating sustainable, self-reliant, resilient and peaceful communities.



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