Sister Uma Deonath
Sister Uma Deonath
November 7, 2022
Father Brian McWeeney
Father Brian McWeeney
November 7, 2022

Dr. Ninna Kozorog

Dr. Ninna Kozorog


Kailasa Sushruta Om Award - Padma Bhushan April 7, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Specialist neurologist in the Department of Neurosurgery of the Maribor Clinical Center

Country: Slovenia


Dr. Kozorog is a Specialist Neurologist in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Maribor Clinical Center, sub-specializing in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring. As a volunteer, in 2014/2018 she also ran a pro bono clinic for people without health insurance as the youngest leader of its kind.

Dr. Kozorog was a golden graduate of Gimnazija Celje Center. She studied medicine at the Medical Faculty in Maribor and electrical engineering, computer science and informatics software at FERI University in Maribor, and a Master's degree in bioinformatics.

Since high school, she has collaborated with the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia and the Sonček Association. In 2011, as a medical student, she helped found the Humanitarček Association. 

Among other things she conceptually or project-led campaigns including Let's Help Together 2009, which raised money to buy a warm bed SB Celje, humanitarian campaign for the association DEBRA Butterflies Without Wings (helping children with bullous epidermolysis), Sastipe Project (to improve the living standards of Roma living in the Goričko LAG area).

Other projects include:

  • Randomized kindness
  • 30 days for 30 heart attacks
  • Hidden Santa for the homeless. In 2010, this association actively contributed to the establishment of the first day of the homeless in Slovenia on 10 October. Since 2017 they have established the International Day of Kindness on 13 November, whose official ambassador is the Humanitarček Association, known for numerous organizations of sea holidays for the elderly and hot meals for the homeless and the elderly.

In 2014 Dr. Kozorog was awarded the title Ona 365 by OnaPlus magazine, and in 2019 the title "The best volunteer employed in public administration" within the project Slovenian Network of Voluntary Organizations funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Public Administration, and Slovenian of the Year and name of the month. She received the 2019 Bob of the Year Award for the statement "The most important role model is the man who looks at us in the mirror in the evening when we wash the mask of the day."

Even before the pandemic, the association established a vision program for people over the age of 65, which played an important role during the epidemic. She collected the stories of elderly people living in the autumn of their life in the book Le Vida (Just Vida), which broke all records with a circulation of 15,000 copies, thus enabling warm borders for the elderly. She has been fighting stigmas for many years, both homelessness, the elderly and other stigmas; and is a main critic of hate speech and intolerance. She believes in the good in people and currently cares for 2,500 seniors in the society when they would not otherwise survive.



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