Attacks on Sacred Temple – Monastery Complexes


Destroying culture and those who value that culture are the same desacralized and dehumanizing acts. Cultural heritage is one of the basic elements of a living civilization, making the willful ethnic cleansing of precious temples and monasteries genocidal in motivation. They are directed toward eradicating an essential part of their humanity. It’s a crime against humanity to systematically impoverish the cultural heritage of rich Indian traditions.

An Aadheenam is a temple-monastery complex which researches, preserves and applies Santana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) as a lifestyle for the civilization living in that era. Once an Aadheenam is destroyed, the entire lifestyle it nurtures and which is practiced by its community, discontinues. The ritualistic lifestyle is like the shell that protects the life element inside – that is Hinduism. Once the shell is broken, it becomes easy to throw the life element out. Further, when their Aadheenams are attacked, the Hindus lose confidence in their religion.