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Unclutching is a space of complete restful awareness where you are not clutching on to any thought or emotion. Most of us are prisoners of our past; we repeat the behaviors we are familiar with. This results in the feeling that life is repetitive and boring, that we never experience anything new. When we unclutch®, each moment becomes fresh, exciting and filled with possibility.

The SPH defines unclutching as follows: “When you are not transferring the stress and load created by one thought to the other thought and carrying that load constantly. Please understand, usually you transfer the load and the stress you create by one thought to the other thought and when you are constantly transferring those emotions to the next thought your inner space becomes insensitive, loaded with so much of emotions, it naturally sinks into depression, restlessness, boredom – all the negative emotions. Unclutching is not connecting one thought and the other thought and carrying the same stress and emotions.”

When you unclutch you stop carrying the stress and negative emotions from one thought to the other thought and when you don’t carry that stress, suffering, negativity, pressure, restlessness from one thought to the other thought naturally you experience peace inside.


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