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November 21, 2022
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Ms. Chevaughn Joseph

Ms. Chevaughn Joseph


Kailasa Sushruta Om Award - Padma Shri April 7, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Founder and President of The Just Because Foundation (JBF)

Country: Trinidad and Tobago


As a pioneer and visionary, Ms. Chevaughn allows her faith, passion and love for those whom she serves, to keep her focused on her mission.

As the Founder and President of The Just Because Foundation (JBF), the leading childhood cancer support organization in the English-speaking Caribbean, Ms. Joseph is responsible for the conceptualization, development, execution and management of JBF’s many projects which includes, but is not limited to, the JBF Home Away from Home, the JBF Paediatric Specialty Unit, the JBF Siblings Only Club, the JBF HOPE Concert, JBF Embrace (Bereavement Support) and the JBF Kiddi K - Childhood Cancer Awareness Walk.

On a weekly basis, Ms. Joseph, or Aunty Chevaughn as she is affectionately called, interfaces with childhood cancer patients and their parents and provides hands-on support such as counselling and advisory services. The clinical teams - doctors and nurses as well as the hospital management often call on her for assistance in various ways.

Though she is honored and humbled to have been the recipient of several awards including the prestigious Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence (ANSCAFE) in the category Public and Civic Contributions in 2018, Ms. Joseph maintains that one of her most important roles is being a mother.

In September 2018 Ms. Joseph got the amazing opportunity to write articles in a leading local newspaper entitled ‘JBF Talks’ that allowed her to speak about the work of the Just Because Foundation. Although this opportunity came to an end 2 years later in September 2020 her passion for writing about childhood cancer awareness ignited the spark for the “Anansi Goes to Hospital” six-part book series.

Ms. Joseph sees her role in the Just Because Foundation as a direct assignment from God and attributes her success and ability to conquer adversity to her connection with Him. Her motto is “a closed door is not a bad thing, but simply God saying He has a bigger, better door up ahead.”



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