Honorable Mahmoud Mohammed Mussa
November 2, 2022
Ms. Jozica Rejec
November 2, 2022

Mr. Matej Glivar and Mrs. Anja Glivar

Mr. Matej Glivar and Mrs. Anja Glivar


KKAILASA Oneness Om Award October 5, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Animal Rights Activists

Country: Slovenia


Mrs. Anja Glivar is from Switzerland. It is her vocation to help others, no matter what species they belong to. In her studies as a nurse, she noticed that ethics and human dignity were taught - but not dignity or basic rights for animals. In her free time, she does everything she can to ensure that animals are allowed to live. She is joined by her husband on a mission to fight for animal rights.

Mr. Matej Glivar grew up on a farm and never thought about veganism until he watched an interview about foods related to the most common diseases humanity suffers from. It was then he decided to be vegan and also decided he did not want to support animal industries. Mr. Glivar and his wife Anja have dedicated their life to animal rights and are currently filming a documentary that will speak up against injustices to animals. Together they help people understand how to more effectively help animals.


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