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November 1, 2022
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Honorable Neenyi Ghartey VII

Honorable Neenyi Ghartey VII


KAILASA Mitra Om Award July 13, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: President of the Effutu Traditional Council of Winneba

Country: Ghana


The Honorable Neenyi Ghartey is the President of the Effutu Traditional Council of Winneba, Ghana. The Honorable Neenyi Ghartey was born in Winneba and graduated from the University of Ghana with B. Sc. (Hons) with Animal Science as his major course. He furthered his education at the Ruppin Institute of Agriculture in Israel for a graduate certificate in agriculture and in Poultry Nutrition and Feeding at the Central Poultry Training Institute in India.

In 1993, Mr. Ghartey was nominated and successfully became the Paramount Chief of the Effutu Traditional Council and in 1996, he became the President of the Effutu Traditional Council under the stool name; Neenyi Ghartey VII.

He served as a member of the National House of Chiefs and was a member of the Regional Population Advisory Committee and the Regional Health Advisory Committee.

Honorable Neenyi Ghartey participated in the Focus on Africa International conference in Chicago in 2004, and was appointed as government nominee on the University of Education Governing Council from July 2017 to August 2021.



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