Sri Rajendra Khanal
Dr. Tina Prodnik
May 4, 2023
Sri Rajendra Khanal
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May 4, 2023

Dr. Sivasri Panchadchara Vijayakumara Kurukkal

Sri Rajendra Khanal

Dr. Sivasri Panchadchara Vijayakumara Kurukkal


KAILASA Dharma Jyoti Religion and Worship Award January 03, 2023

Affiliation at the time of award: Head of Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temples of Toronto

Country: Canada


Dr. Sivasri Panchadchara Vijayakumara Kurukkal is a Hindu religious minister who plays an important role in preserving the Hindu religion, art and cultural values ​​of the Tamil people living all over the world in diaspora countries. In 1987 Dr. Sivasri Panchadchara Vijayakumara Kurukkal was the first Hindu Guru to migrate to Toronto and started the establishment of “Sri Gawri Mangala Seva” to provide Mangala Vaibhavas to the Canadian Hindu Tamil community.

Dr. Kurukkal’s accomplishments include:
- First Tamil Hindu Guru to be appointed as a legal Canadian Marriage Registrar to officiate Hindu marriages.
- In 1999, established Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Devasthanam, which is composed of Hindu Agama rules, worships with Vedic mantras, Agama rituals, Tamil Nama archana, Devara Thirumurai, and spiritual religious discourses conducted regularly in a beautiful and auspicious Temple located in Toronto.
- In the year 2005, established Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu College and has been working with the lofty goal of improving Tamil language, Hinduism, Vedas, Agamas, Sanskrit, cultural arts, yoga, meditation, virtue and worship of God so that our young children can grow up to be good citizens.
- Participated and conducted many Kumbabishekam and religious spiritual activities in many countries including Canada, London, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, India and giving blessings and spiritual motivational speeches.

Some of the Honorary Awards received include:
- Honorary “Doctorate” award for Hindu religious services by International University of Martial Arts - 2004
- Received Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award - 2013
- Received Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award - 2022


Dr. Sivasri Panchadchara Vijyakumara Kurukkal

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