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November 7, 2022
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November 7, 2022

Dr. Murali Krishna Bhuvanagiri (Sarmaaji)

Dr. Murali Krishna Bhuvanagiri (Sarmaaji)

Dr. Murali Krishna Bhuvanagiri (Sarmaaji)


KAILASA Dharma Jyoti Religion and Worship Om Award February 7, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: Founder and Head Priest for Sankaramatam Vedic Academy, North Carolina

Country: United States


Dr. Sarmaaji is Founder and Head Priest for Sankaramatam Vedic Academy, North Carolina. He has worked as a Head Priest for Triad Hindu Temple, Greensboro, North Carolina from 2012 to 2021. He has done many major events in the Triad Hindu Temple as well as in temples all over the USA.

Sarmaaji is a certified and experienced Smartha Agama Priest from the Endowments Department, Govt of India.

He has strong experience in Devaalaya Smartha Agama Sastra and performed Devalaaya Prathisthapana Pooja (temple construction process from layout to installing Deities) for more than 20+ Temples in the USA and more than 100+ Temples across the globe.

Sarmaaji has a strong 18+ years of experience in Vedic practice, 12+ years of astrology practice, and reviewed more than 5,000+ horoscopes.

He is also promoting and representing Vedic astrology in the USA through NRI Radio Channel a 1-hour weekly based program called Grahabalam. This special skill set has helped many devotees in the Triad area and the USA to take care of Grahanadosha’s or birth doshas and perform the precautionary pujas as needed so that devotees have peace in their homes.

Sarmaaji has a great interest in listening to Indian traditional music and devotional discussions.


Dr. Murali Krishna Bhuvanagiri (Sarmaaji) Certificate

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