Ms. Hui-Lien Wu
Ms. Hui-Lien Wu
November 9, 2022
Mr. Gift Parseen
Mr. Gift Parseen
November 9, 2022

Councilwoman Teresa Cox

Councilwoman Teresa Cox

Councilwoman Teresa Cox


KAILASA Dharma Rakshana Social Justice Om Award February 20, 2022

Affiliation at the time of award: City Councilmember at City of Fremont, California Government

Country: United States


As the daughter of schoolteachers, orphaned at a young age, Councilwoman Cox overcame life’s obstacles and broke down numerous barriers to dedicate her life to improving the community around her.

Councilwoman Cox is the first African-American ever elected to Fremont City Council in almost 65 years.

Councilwoman Cox is the first African-American elected to the Ohlone Community College Board of Trustees in 50 years. She served 12 years as Vice-Chair of the Board.

Councilwoman Cox became the first African American woman in the United States to earn a degree in nuclear engineering when she graduated from Northwestern University and obtained her MBA Degree from the University of Rochester.

Currently, Councilwoman Cox is dedicated to improving international trade relations, furthering business opportunities, and creating jobs in our community. Councilwoman Cox is appointed by the Biden Administration on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s District Export Council. She also led a Trade Mission to China in her duties as Chair of Fremont Economic Development Advisory Commission.

In a career that has spanned disciplines as broad as engineering, supply chain, and contract management, Silicon Valley, White House, Wall Street, Facebook, former Stanford Hospital Board Member for Neonatal Care, and Councilwoman Cox is now an executive for the County of Santa Clara Procurement Department as the Senior Strategic Sourcing Officer where she was deployed as a front-line worker during the COVID-19 pandemic to manage one of the emergency operations center.

Teresa’s vision is to build a better community by working together to solve our community issues now and for the future.


Councilwoman Teresa Cox Certificate

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