Peace & Oneness Awards

Peace & Oneness Awards

About the Awards:

There are three awards in this category as follows:

  1. KAILASA Oneness Award: In the Hindu tradition, Oneness or Advaita is one of the sacred Cosmic principles. This award is conferred upon distinguished individuals who, through their work, promote the peaceful coexistence between all beings, including animals.
  2. KAILASA Devi Kamakshi World Peace Award: In the Hindu tradition, Devi Kamakshi, through her incarnation in Kanchipuram, has brought down the science of creating enlightened beings by creating an enlightened civilization. This award is conferred upon women who, through their work, promote world peace.
  3. KAILASA Kāmadhenu Ratna Award: Conferred upon those protecting cows and bulls


See all Peace & Oneness Laureates or learn more about the nomination process.

Quick Facts

  • Peace & Oneness Awards: 23
  • Peace & Oneness Laureates: 24
  • Seva:
    • Saffron OM - Kailasa’s Humanitarian Response To Global Peace, Conflict Resolution And Religious Freedom
    • Blue OM - Kailasa’s Humanitarian Response to the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • Applicable SKUN:
    • Global Peace and Religious Harmony
    • Monks
    • Revival of Blissful community and ecosystem
    • Ethical Environmentalism
    • Freedom of Opinion and Expression
    • Against Torture and Inhumane Treatment
    • Peacekeeping
    • Freedom of Religious Belief
    • Nature Worship
    • Against Toxification of All Living Beings
    • Against Toxification of Oceans and Lands
    • Deconstructing Racism
    • Against Persecution and Terrorism
    • Deforestation
    • Animal Rights
    • Protection of Human Rights
    • Against Violence
    • Animal Violence
    • Crime control
    • Conflict resolution
    • Contemporary Forms of Slavery
    • Protecting the Ocean
    • Matriarchal Civilizations
    • Indigenous women
    • Feminine Empowerment and Gender Equality

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