Medical Service & Health Science Awards

Medical Service & Health Science Awards

About the Awards:

There are three awards in this category as follows:

  1. KAILASA Vaidhya Shikhamani Award: Conferred upon doctors who provide medical service for 1 rupee or 10 rupees. The doctors can be allopathic doctors, Siddha doctors, they can practice any type of medicine approved by their government
  2. KAILASA Devi Mariamman Health Science Award: In the Hindu tradition, Devi Mariamman is the healing and rejuvenation expression of the Cosmic Mother. This award is conferred upon women who contribute to their communities and to the society at large in the field of Health Sciences.
  3. KAILASA Sushruta Award:Conferred upon those with distinguished service in the field of medicine


See all Medical Service & Health Science Awards or learn more about the nomination process.

Quick Facts

  • Medical Service & Health Science Awards: 9
  • Medical Service & Health Science Laureates: 9
  • Seva:
    • White OM - Kailasa’s Humanitarian Response To Alleviate Mental Health
  • Applicable SKUN:
    • Alternative & Holistic Medicine
    • Mental Health & Development
    • Family Health & Development
    • Reproductive Health & Maternity
    • Healing Chronic Illness
    • A Cure for HIV / AIDS
    • The Advancement of Palliative Care
    • Enlightened Birthing & Pregnancy
    • Affordable & Holistic Healthcare
    • Recovery of Victims of Sexual Violence
    • Matriarchal Civilizations
    • Indigenous women
    • Against Medical Malpractice
    • Against Euthanasia

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