Art & Culture Awards

Art & Culture Awards

About the Awards:

There are eight awards in this category as follows:

  1. KAILASA Bhushan Award: Conferred upon distinguished individuals for their extraordinary contributions to arts and culture
  2. KAILASA Devi Saraswati Arts and Culture Award: In the Hindu tradition, Devi Saraswati is the beholder of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. All understanding from the ocean of knowledge starts with her. This award is conferred upon women who contribute to their communities and to the society at large in the field of Arts and Culture.
  3. KAILASA Yatra Shikhamani Award: Conferred upon those who organize Hindu yatras (pilgrimages)
  4. KAILASA Sthapati Award: Conferred upon architects and sculpturers of Hindu temples and deities
  5. KAILASA Veda Vyāsa Ratna Award: Conferred upon authors of Hindu books
  6. KAILASA Brihaspati Ratna Award: Conferred upon those doing research in Hindu sciences such as power manifestations
  7. KAILASA Kalidasa Ratna Awards: Conferred upon Hindu poets
  8. KAILASA Padma Nidhi Śiromaṇi Award: Conferred upon those who contributes to the building of Hindu temples


See all Arts & Culture Laureates or learn more about the nomination process.

Quick Facts

  • Arts & Culture Awards: 15
  • Arts & Culture Laureates: 15
  • Seva:
    • Yellow OM - KAILASA’s Humanitarian Response To Providing Knowledge Assistance To The World
    • Saffron OM - Kailasa’s Humanitarian Response To Global Peace, Conflict Resolution And Religious Freedom
  • Applicable SKUN:
    • Indigenous traditions & Tribes
    • Revival of Ancient Civilizations
    • Enlightened Culture & Arts
    • Ancient Heritage
    • Ancient Sacred Arts & Sciences
    • Protection of Ancient Scriptures
    • Authentic Hinduism
    • Ancient Rituals
    • Freedom of Opinion & Expression
    • Matriarchal Civilizations
    • Indigenous Women
    • Spiritual Tourism & Pilgrimage

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