Acharya (Teacher) Awards

Acharya (Teacher) Awards

About the Awards:

There are four awards in this category as follows:

  1. KAILASA Jnanashiromani Award: Conferred upon those who teach Devaram, Thiruvasagam, Thirupavai, Thiruvembavai, Ramayana, Mahabharata. The seva they do is not a simple one. The sacrifices and seva they do for Hinduism is huge.
  2. KAILASA Veda Vidya Shikhamani Award: Conferred upon acharyas (teachers) who as a single person teach vedas to a small number of children. They will not worry about their poverty and they will just teach as a responsibility.
  3. KAILASA Acharya Award: Conferred upon Shivacharyas, Battacharyas, temple priests who are in small villages from poor families struggling for their livelihood but standing strong to keep the tradition of the temple in the village alive.
  4. KAILASA Vashista Ratna Award: Conferred upon those promoting Hindu education


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Quick Facts

  • Acharya Awards: 0
  • Acharya Laureates: 0
  • Seva:
    • Yellow OM - KAILASA’s Humanitarian Response To Providing Knowledge Assistance To The World
    • Red OM - KAILASA’s Humanitarian Response To Eradicate World Hunger
  • Applicable SKUN:
    • Indigenous traditions & tribes
    • Ancient Rituals
    • Ancient Heritage
    • Atonement of Extreme Poverty
    • Monks
    • Authentic Hinduism
    • Revival of Temples
    • Revival of Ancient Civilizations
    • Enlightened Culture and Arts
    • Ancient Sacred Arts and Sciences
    • Protection of Ancient Scriptures
    • Children and Youth
    • Consciousness Studies and Practices
    • Education Reform and Development

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